Fun, Not Perfection


Fun when sister’s buying her wedding dress. Work it Sweetie!  Love those huge mirrors. 

Searching for perfection has often held me back. People pleaser, fear of looking foolish,  you know, the usual. For instance, it takes me hours to write a post.  Hours!  I write and rewrite to distraction.  I fret I don’t have original ideas.  Silly.  I read, I look, I observe, I think.  I react.  Then I fret.  Silly and frequently a waste of time.

So why am I so hard on myself as a blogger. For goodness’ sake, this is supposed to be fun girl! Fun!



She just could not resist strutting with all those mirrors and fun! Check out Nancy & me in the mirror.                                                                                                     

I am not a fabulous decorator DIY type. I am not poetic. I do love beauty and being creative. Our home is lovely and welcoming.  I look at my girls and think we need more fun!   Fun! 

Move on Linda.  Enjoy writing and taking photos and sharing with my family and anyone else who takes an interest.  Have some fun! 

Could be I am letting this all out after days of no talking except by croaking and feeling lousy and cooped up? For 8 days. EIGHT days! Puny sick.  No, not the flu.  Sinusitis and bronchitis.  I am better today, thanks.  But I do need a jump-start for sure.



  The perfect veil to top it all off!  Her sister’s dress with this veil was fabulous by the way! 

So there! End of personal pep talk.  I feel better now. Looking for the fun! How about you? When do you need to give yourself a pep talk?

Now if I could only find my little camera…


blessings, linda



The three sisters had a great time!!  

About chinamom3078

I am a woman who loves Jesus who loved me first. Prone to wander and distraction is common for me as I seek to reflect Him in my daily life. I am wife, mom, and grandma who has lived on 3 continents in 26+ apartments, townhouses, military housing, suburbs and now a 200 plus year old farm house. Preparing and hosting meals for the hundreds who have passsed through our home has been a joy and blessing to our family as we listened and shared over meals, coffee, light nights and Bible studies. A rich life! I have reached the age to feel qualifies to be an ”older woman” (as in Titus) even though I feel far from old and have plenty of room to grow each and everyday. And my joy is to teach Bible studies and help train other women to lead well.
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3 Responses to Fun, Not Perfection

  1. CC says:

    Thanks for the remember! I have been posting on Craiglist for awhile, just trying to get the ‘right words’ to sell something. Way to much effort!! Being silly lightens our loads on life in every direction!

  2. CC says:

    uhhhhh meant reminder!!

  3. koodaigirl says:

    attempting, wanting, seeking perfection is always my downfall!… I loved your words!… “this is supposed to be fun” Amen and amen.

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