House Rules or when boys don’t shower



Just read a post over at Big Mama’s and had to laugh.  How many times have I told moms of preteen boys they will give up showers but not to worry? There will be a time you can’t get them out!

Our house rules were simple.  When I realized they were not showering about the time they started to smell “Manly”. Okay, not quite yet but almost.  Anyway,  the rule was shower after any sporting event including practice.  That pretty much covered all the days of the week except Sundays.

I added “MUST USE SOAP” when the eldest let it slip they were only passing through the water.

We had another one.  We were fortunate we didn’t need to have rules about cursing or hitting or drugs or drinking.  Actually, we were so blessed.  But back to those rules we did have.  This one also related to the gross factor.  “NO spitting except on the ball field.”  Why do guys think it is cool to spit? I do get the dust thing.  Then I had to add an addendum.  No spitting in front of ladies even if you are inside the lines!”  Double gross!

It must have taken because when we went to East Asia and the boys basketball team spit on the court to the disgust of the boys, mine told them that wasn’t cool.  And those TCK’s thought everyone every where spit on the basketball courts.  No, you would get in big trouble for that.

Today, they buy hair products, lotion, deodorant and change clothes on a regular basis.  Thank goodness!

So there you have it.  I raised gentlemen!


Blessings, Linda


About chinamom3078

I am a woman who loves Jesus who loved me first. Prone to wander and distraction is common for me as I seek to reflect Him in my daily life. I am wife, mom, and grandma who has lived on 3 continents in 26+ apartments, townhouses, military housing, suburbs and now a 200 plus year old farm house. Preparing and hosting meals for the hundreds who have passsed through our home has been a joy and blessing to our family as we listened and shared over meals, coffee, light nights and Bible studies. A rich life! I have reached the age to feel qualifies to be an ”older woman” (as in Titus) even though I feel far from old and have plenty of room to grow each and everyday. And my joy is to teach Bible studies and help train other women to lead well.
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3 Responses to House Rules or when boys don’t shower

  1. Amanda says:

    What is TCK? Sorry, first time reader. Followed you over from Big Mama. But, I do like what I’ve read. 🙂

    • omega57 says:

      Thanks Amanda. No. it is me who is sorry; I should have defined it. A TCK is a child who has spent more than 6 months living in a country different from his passport one. Generally, they are from missionary, military, diplomatic and business families who live overseas. Another name for these world traveling kids kids is Global Nomads. We have 3 who have lived in Europe and Asia plus 2 who have lived in Asia. Blessings, Linda

  2. StrongerMe says:

    I recently typed up a novella called “What I Mean When I Say…” because with boys, you have to be VERY SPECIFIC. When I say “Feed the Dogs,” I actually mean for them to give them food AND water. Alas, I was not specific enough.
    When my son went to camp for the first time in the 4th grade, I packed towels. Self-explanatory, right? Not so much. He didn’t bathe, although he assured me that he changed his underwear every day. (Whew) The next year, I made sure to remind him to bathe. He did…minus the soap.
    Hence the novella.
    And you’re right. Now that they are teens, I actually have to set shower limits. And limits on the number of spritz’s of cologne that they can spray. (There is such a thing as too much of a good thing!)

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